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Monica Rojas was born in Guadalajara, Mexico in 1974.
She is considered one of the most talented mariachi singers, endowed with a beautiful voice and a unique energized interpretation style.
In 1991, started professionally as founder of the first all-female mariachi band in the world "Las Perlitas Tapatias" at the age of 17, playing the big bass guitar.
These girls were pioneers of a new mexican tradition:  women playing mariachi music. They made presentations throughout Mexico and the United States.
In 1995, Monica Rojas decided to continue her career as a solo singer; delighting the public in all kinds of scenarios:  Theaters, arenas, fairs, resorts, radio, television, etc., performing at the side of big stars such as Alejandro Fernandez, Pepe Aguilar, and others.
She graduated from the School of Music of the University of Guadalajara in 2004; since then she combines her career as a singer with teaching music.
Monica has recorded 5 albums, which include the most Mexican rhythms such as huapango, son and rancheras songs, combined with ballads and boleros, such as "My way", "Spanish eyes" and "Besame mucho".
Currently, she is in Los Angeles, California, recording a new CD with covers and unpublished songs produced by CINTAS ACUARIO of Pedro Rivera, winner of Latin Grammys and other awards. She will be giving a concert with Pedro Rivera to present her latest recording material "La Tequilera".

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